To spread wellness everywhere by way of virtue

Corporate honor and social responsibility
Over the years, the company has strived hard and dedicated for the vigorous development of the pharmaceutical industry, which has won the full affirmation of the society and has been highly praised by its partners. Has won the "AAA Credit Enterprise Credit Evaluation Enterprise", "Shandong Charity Award", "Shandong Province Pharmaceutical Enterprise Cultural Construction Demonstration Unit", "Shandong Province Pharmaceutical Industry Development Outstanding Contribution Enterprise" issued by the state, province and city. . "Emerging Industry Development Award", "Labour Security Integrity Enterprise", "China Cooperative Trade Enterprise Association AAA Credit Enterprise", "China Logistics and Purchasing Federation AAAA Logistics Enterprise", "China's Top Ten Integrity Enterprises in Law Integrity in Pharmaceutical Distribution" And other honorary titles.

Corporate charity
In the continuous development of the company, the company not only serves the society in good faith, but also rewards the society with selfless dedication. In 2006, it donated 1 million yuan to establish the "Ruikang ● Qingdao Hematopoietic Stem Cell Fund". Donated 1 million yuan to establish "Yantai Ruikang Medical Assistance Fund". Donated 1.3 million yuan from 2007 to 2009 to establish the "Rikang Yantai Poverty Mothers Assistance Fund". During the Wenchuan earthquake on May 12, 2008, a total of 1.64 million yuan was donated in cash and medicines to the people in the disaster area. From 2008 to 2011 in Tibet, donated 1.2 million to establish the Tibet Hope Primary School Construction Fund; donated funds to renovate the dilapidated houses in Jiuwan Township, Nimu County, Lhasa City, and contributed to the improvement of living conditions for Tibetan compatriots. In 2011, donated 500,000 to the deaf child assistance project for the large-scale public welfare activity of “Aier Qicong China Tour” for China ’s poverty-stricken deaf children. ... In July 2012, donated 150,000 yuan to the new and rebuilding project of Ximai Township Health Center, Nixun Village Clinic in Nimu County, Lhasa City, and Ceduo Village Clinic in Nanmuche Township, Xietong County, Xigaze Prefecture. It has made positive contributions to social stability and the construction of a harmonious society. In order to highlight corporate social responsibility, in August 2017, Ruikang Pharmaceutical signed a support agreement in Yan'an, and decided to subsidize 1,000 students from poor families with excellent education in Yanchuan County to help them complete their studies.

Sustainable development and environmental protection
In 2016, with the cordial care and strong support of leaders at all levels, Ruikang Group launched the "Fengxiang Villa" pension project in Yantai. After the project is completed, it will become the largest service center in Yantai with the highest quality and the most complete supporting facilities. At that time, the pension apartment will provide a good accommodation and accommodation environment for the 5,000 elderly people living there, and the medical center will provide them with timely and effective services. Medical services allow elderly people to support themselves for years and contribute to social harmony. Helping others will benefit you as well. ... The company promotes the traditional virtues of poverty alleviation, actively promotes the development of philanthropy, cares for social welfare, cares for socially disadvantaged groups, builds a bridge of charity, and builds a civilized, peaceful, beautiful and warm beautiful society.